Control your thoughts, feelings and behavior
Put them into the right perspective.
And ENJOY your life!
Henrice Kupper is an academic coach and counsellor, author, trainer, mediator and HR-advisor. In her business DEDITIO she treats and supports people with their personal- relationship- and work-related issues. She is retired now and spends her time with family and friends. Henrice still writes books and creates courses to help people solve their problems She now lives the happy life she always wanted. Read her books and you can live your happy life too!
How To Get Over And Move On When You Lose Your Relationship
Being happy is hard work. Every day again invest in yourself. Learn a lot, try things out and adapt them. Think and refine. Refine again and again until you become a master of happiness. By trial and error, dealing creative with things and let go.
The Road To Happiness
Breakups may be harsh, and they may be amicable; regardless what, no one truly wants to go through them. The loss of your relationship may bring on acute heartache. However if you're looking for a little help getting through it and want a few suggestions about how to make it a bit easier.