Facilitation Tools for Leaders
Handout and Worksheets
Top 4 Things To Remember
Number 1: Everyone has something to give and to learn.
Create a respectful environment where this is recognized
Number 2: We are more alike than we are different
Diversity is about recognizing our commonalities and differences.
Number 3: Listen and be open to be changed by what you hear
Listen for the intention as well as the words spoken
Number 4: This discussion and exploration is a journey.
It is ok to feel discomfort or to not have firm answers, this is a learning process
Road Map to Discussion
Training Slide Deck
Is this about Political Correctness?
Hello, welcome to this course.
This will be a Train-The-Trainer style course.
The illusion of knowledge Activity 4 min
Context is everything discussion 11 min
William and Janes case 6 minutes
Double standards Activity 6 min
Kates Case: Triangle Activity
Cognitive Control 12 min
Total Presentation 41 min