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Rather than overwhelm you with dozens of different 'free' traffic methods, I'm simply going to share the methods that members of my various programs have had the most success with.....more Information when you have for FREE registration!
YOUTUBE TRAFFIC Posting videos to is a proven way to get free traffic, but it does take dedication since you want to build your YouTube 'channel' to get subscribers and regular people viewing your videos. Some people think they can post a video and just sit back while it goes viral. .......more Information when you have for FREE registration!
INTERNET MARKETING FORUM TRAFFIC Forum marketing involves participating in forums by asking questions or offering advice - just participating in a forum how you normally would...but then in the process promoting your website in your forum 'signature file' (which is a little ad or bit of info. that the forum enables you to display at the bottom of all your forum posts - automatically)......more information when you have for FREE registration!
FREE FACEBOOK TRAFFIC You can get free traffic by participating on Facebook pages (or in FB groups) related to Internet marketing and making money online. Note that I said participate, meaning hit and run advertising or spam of any kind is not allowed. Just as with forum marketing, you want to contribute useful information or insight into discussions going on. Then, when the time feels right, promote your MTC website......more information when you have for FREE registration!