Jim Edwards' &Jeff Herring's
Jim Edwards' &Jeff Herring's
"Create All The Custom Article, Video, and Blog Content You'll Ever Need For Profitable Content Marketing... Without Doing Any Of The Work If You Don't Want To!"
This Wizard Makes It Insanely Easy To Create Excellent Articles, Blog Posts, and Videos - FAST - And Use Them On Your Blog, Social Media, YouTube and More!
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Instant Access: "How To Outsource All Your Content Creation Needs For 5 Bucks!"
Use this wizard to instantly outline content you can create yourself -- or outsource quickly and cheaply -- to then use anywhere to drive traffic, make more sales, and put your content marketing on auto-pilot!

• Your Blog
• Social Media
• Guest Blogging
• Facebook
• YouTube Videos
• Article Marketing
• Special Reports
• Entire Ebooks
• Print Books
• Kindle Books
• Mini-Webinars
• Explainer Videos
... anywhere you would need targeted, custom content, now you can have it outlined using 21 proven "custom content templates" at the click of a mouse!

How to use the wizard output to hire people to write articles for you… create videos for you… and create the custom content you need for your content marketing for as little as $5 a pop!

We’ll share years of experience with you about outsourcing everything from ebooks to articles to videos and how you can use this incredible new wizard to get amazing results without doing ANY of the work if you don’t want to!
Instant Access: "Limitless Blog & Facebook Content"
Generating ideas for killer content you can use to never run out of ideas for what to publish online to make your content marketing explode with amazing results… no matter what you sell.

We’ll share exactly how we come up with content ideas that our target audiences really want to read, watch, and share with their friends… and how you can do it too!
PRE-DONE Project Files
We’ll hand you over a dozen pre-done project files for major niche markets so you don’t even have to think about what their problems or questions are… just fill in a few blanks about the product or service you’re promoting, hit a button and BAM!!! Out pops the pre-done outlines you need to then outsource original, custom articles, videos, social media content, and blog posts laser-targeted to your niche.

A HUGE time saver and a great way to kickstart your content marketing efforts… whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned online marketer, these pre-done files are pure gold!
If this software doesn’t help you to quickly outline amazing articles, videos, and blog posts using proven templates that get people to take action… if it doesn’t save you HOURS of time staring at a blank screen and getting your thoughts organized to create original, custom content… and if it doesn’t make outsourcing your content creation copy-and-paste simple, then we don’t want your money… we’ll give it all back – no questions asked – no hard feelings!

We know this software will do exactly what we promise and so much more that we’ll let you use it for 30 days – put it to the test – and if it isn’t everything we say it is and more, you’ll get a full and complete refund!

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain for using content marketing to explode your business profits… no matter what business you’re in!
Now you can quickly create original, custom content that gets results (without staring at a blank screen struggling to create that content yourself ... or even having to create it at all if you don't want to).

These are the exact same templates WE ourselves USE all the time to create amazing content really fast that customers and subscribers love to read, watch, and share with their friends.
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